About Bajaj Rice Udyog

Bajaj Rice Ugyog is situated at Manegaon, 8 kms from Balaghat City. It is the most ideal location considering that the area is known for availability of best quality local paddy, trasportation connectivity, fine weather conditions, sound infrastructure facilities of water and electricity.

Established on the vision of Shri Inder Bajaj and Shri Vijay Bajaj, Bajaj Rice Udyog has grown in reputation for its excellent rice quality, perfect time-bound deliveries and sound business practices. 

The production of Rice at Bajaj Rice Udyog follows the most renowned processes for production of best-quality rice, involving usage of the world-class practices and best-in-class equipments 

Our current capacity is 8 tonne of rice / hour and the production  continues for 24 hours throughout.

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Our Motto

Our Motto at Bajaj Rice Udyog - 

'To produce edible rice that appeals to the customer, in terms that rice is perfectly milled and free of husks, stones and other non-grain materials and contains all the perfect nutrients retaining its palaetability.'

Our Clientele

Appreciating our commitment towards excellent rice produce, perfect time-bound deliveries and sound business practices, the list of our clientele has grown over the years and it includes the top listed Indian Companies in the end supply-chain of Rice. Our most prominent clientele includes Bharti Walmart and other prominent MNCs.