Our Processes

We, at Bajaj Rice Udyog, the modern sophisticated system of milling configured to to maximize the process of producing well-milled, whole rice. Our process is a multi-stage process. Our processes include activities of pre-cleaning, husking, paddy separation, de-stoning, whitening, sifting, polishing, length - grading, weighing and bagging.

Our processes are carried out with the help of world-class equipments with minimal human intervention. Further, our processes are absolutely eco-friendly.

In detail, our process flow - chart is as under:

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Machines at Bajaj Rice Udyog

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Satake Polisher KB40G - TA

The Satake Rice Polishing Machine cleans the surface of rice, significantly enhancing the quality of finished products.

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Sortex Z+ Optical Sorter

This machine determines the purity of rice with exceptional accuracy within a split second. On the basis of colour, shape or other optical properties, defective items and foreign materials are identified and separated from rice